Top 5 Upcoming Features For Whatsapp in 2019

The instant messaging giant WhatsApp, which is growing rapidly in the messenger industry all over the world, The Facebook owned WhatsApp is constantly updating its application and giving best features to its users. From text messaging to photo sharing, from audio calling to video calling, all types of communication done within seconds in WhatsApp. Let’s look at the upcoming features of WhatsApp this year.

Top 5 Upcoming Features of Whatsapp in 2019

1. Contacts ranking

This feature is very interesting. With this feature, you can find out how much the users are in communication with you. According to the communication, WhatsApp will give rankings to your contacts. This sounds very good on the paper. WhatsApp is going to roll out this feature this year.

2. WhatsApp Dark Mode

WhatsApp is keen on its users safety and enhances the battery life. So it comes with a Dark Mode feature to enhance the battery life and this feature allows users to get rid of eye problems. This feature is already rolled out for WhatsApp beta users and the company likely to roll out this feature in January, 2019. The company also said that this feature is effective in light conditions.

3. Media Preview

This is also another interesting feature of WhatsApp that will be coming this year. This feature allows users to view photos, videos and audio messages in a sequence without opening the WhatsApp messenger.

4. Consecutive Voice Messages

With this feature users can play the voice messages automatically. If you tap on a voice message then rest of the unread voice messages will be played automatically. This feature is currently in testing and it is available in beta version.

5. Reply Privately

This is most awaiting feature of WhatsApp. With this feature users can give reply to a specific contact in group chats privately. WhatsApp named this feature as Reply Privately.

Guys! These are the top 5 upcoming features of WhatsApp in 2019.

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Top 5 Upcoming Features of Whatsapp in 2019

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