Types Of SEO Techniques

There are different types of SEO Techniques which people used to rank their site . Most of us know that SEO is very important for the websites. People trust search engines and the most trustable search engines are Google, Bing. Now the competition is high as everyone started giving more concentration to SEO.

Everyone wants their website to rank at least in 1st page because as per the research 70% of the people are visiting the site which is ranked in 1st page and the competition starts here. Google keep updating its search algorithm according to the trend in order to provide the best service to the people

Having a website without traffic is like having land without any investment.

You have to invest(Time) on SEO. SEO is not going to be a one-time investment we need to update it according to the current trend

Now let us talk about the Topic ” What are the different types of SEO Techniques?” before going to that I can recommend you to read how to do SEO | complete guide

Types Of SEO Techniques:

  1. White Hat SEO
  2. Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is one of the most effective techniques used by SEO experts nowadays. It includes keyword research, keyword analysis, content creation, sharing, link building etc. The reason why most of the SEO experts following this strategy is because it is legal and ethical

White Hat SEO is a safe option for every blogger and website because it has been on the basis of legal acts and ethical rules. It involves no hidden, secret or illegal tricks.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is all about illegal and unlawful practices for organic traffic. To escape from rules & formalities, some people want to get more results using illegal and unethical SEO strategy

With the help of this strategy, they will make their website to rank for certain keywords they are focusing and they can get results faster too. But it has more risk of being penalized by Google for using legal terms and may add those websites to the spamming website list

Effective SEO Techniques to drive organic traffic in 2021

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