The Best WordPress Hosting Providers In India 2023

Anish Illuz

Anish Illuz

Helping brands grow digitally by applying Digital Marketing Strategies

India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. As more and more people are joining the digital space, India has seen exponential growth in the number of WordPress websites.

With so many new websites popping up daily, it’s important to ensure you’re using a reliable hosting service. We’ve put together this list of the best WordPress hosting providers in India for 2021 to help with your decision-making process. If you find yourself stuck on which provider to go with, be sure to check out our post!

WordPress Hosting was created for our users who need the resources, products, tools, and support to design and manage their WordPress website.

Here we discuss the best hosting for wordpress in India that provides you with the best powerful tools and small design website builder that helps you manage and design your website easily and quickly in just a few steps. Let’s look into the best WordPress hosting India.

1. Bluehost – One Of The Best Hosting for WordPress in India

Bluehost provides affordable and modest WordPress hosting backed by skilled specialists to guide you through the complexity of WordPress. Whether it’s selecting a theme to create and design your website, updates to the platform, and making sure that you have the latest and most secure version of WordPress for your website, this hosting plan is an excellent and the best hosting for WordPress in India for any user looking to design and manage a dynamic WordPress website. Bluehost is also called by SEO experts as best WordPress hosting for SEO in 2022

We can see a lot of developers started using WordPress for their eCommerce websites. In such a way Bluehost has a different plan and environment to provide a better eCommerce experience. WordPress developers also started hosting their eCommerce website with the best hosting for WordPress eCommerce “Bluehost”


Automatic WordPress Installation:

Upon designing and creating your WordPress Hosting plan, Bluehost automatically installs the updated and greater secure version of WordPress.

Easy drag-and-drop option

Bluehost provides Quick-smart templates, mobile editing features, custom CSS, a stock image library, and many more to ease your website creation and design.

Free domain for 1 year

Bluehost provides 1-year free domain for choosing Bluehost upon the creation of your WordPress Hosting account. You can still claim the free domain after purchasing the hosting.

Ease Automatic WordPress’s latest updates

Bluehost keeps your WordPress Hosting plan secure after account creation by keeping it up to the latest update every day.

Secure configuration and credentials of login details:

Bluehost helps you to change your login credentials securely.

Ease WordPress changing environment

Bluehost helps you to test any changes to your WordPress Website before making it visible to everyone.

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 2. HostGator

HostGator specializes in hosting small business WordPress websites with affordable hosting packages; WordPress cloud plans, excellent customer support, and speedy technology. Hostgator has its own website builder, called Gator.

Hostgator strives to make web hosting very simple and affordable, and if you’re looking for a plan that makes your WordPress website runs quickly and economically, then Hostgator is the best hosting for WordPress in India.


24/7 Customer Support

HostGator provides excellent customer support at all hours of the day via phone, live chat, and email.

Long-term Guarantee Period

Hostgator provides you a 45-day money-back guarantee, you’ll be happy with their services. (Most companies offer 30-day guarantees.)

Fast WordPress

Hostgator provides you super-fast WordPress cloud hosting that is 2.5x faster than traditional web hosting at an affordable price

Good Uptime and Response Time

If you analysis at the last 6 months of uptime and response time, as measured by Pingdom. Although this represents one test site, it should provide an excellent idea of how robust HostGator servers are.

• Downtime: 9 minutes

• Outages: 2

• Uptime: 99.996%.

 HostGator gives assurance of  99.9% uptime. From your dashboard, you will be able to monitor your own uptime, so you know that the company is delivering what they promise.

If they fail to meet this guarantee, they will give back one month of hosting credit to your HostGator account.

best hosting for wordpress 2022

3. WP Engine

WP Engine is a corporation known for its cutting-edge performance and features. They are a fully managed and the best WordPress hosting provider.

WP Engine utilizes Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Service servers. Both are the best hosting providers. WP Engine customers can select their servers from two vendors depending on their requirements. As it helps websites to pass in core web-vital we can also say it is the best WordPress hosting for SEO.

As a trusted WordPress hosting provider, WP Engine provides the functionality that is mandatory for the management and performance of a WordPress website.

WP Engine also become one of the best hosting for WordPress 2022 by providing a good support team.



WP Engine makes WordPress migration from any host to WP Engine simple and user-friendly. This tool is pre-built on the platform and performs all the automated migration.


WP Engine protects your WordPress website against security vulnerabilities by first identifying attacks.

It operates on an active system to protect your website from any possible attack and provides many excellent security features to enhance security.


Backups are needed for all WordPress websites and WP Engine manages them very well.

WP Engine manages immediate disaster recovery to minimize any kind of loss to the customer.

WP Engine is very expensive compared to other best WordPress hosting providers, because of these excellent premium features.

best hosting for wordpress 2022 - Wp-Engine

4. Hostinger

Hostinger is a trusted WordPress hosting provider for its low expenses and quick loading times. Hence it is listed as the best WordPress hosting providers in India

Hostinger’s name has been created for itself because of its cheap and affordable internet hosting.

If you search the best web hosting providers for WordPress manually, you will also find Hostinger rated first for its best affordable internet hosting programs.


Quick loading speed

Hostinger offers you a number of the quickest speeds due to their price point on the market.

Hostinger loading times someplace in the 300-400 ms range normally. Again, this is great for the purchase price.

If you are not satisfied with your Hostinger website hosting service, then you will you’re your money back within 30 days of registering.

Free Domain Name and Site Builder

Hostinger provides you free domain name and site builder.  Those who are designing a new WordPress website from scratch, then you can register with Hostinger’s as it is very simple to use drag and drop builder.

Hostinger provides excellent templates and designs to make your website look elegant.


Hostinger is cheap and economical. Therefore, if you would choose a low-cost hosting company, this can be a sensible spot for you to begin. But remember that just like another web hosting, Hostinger has a few tips and ploys when it has to do with their pricing.

best wordpress hosting india - Hostinger

5. Siteground

SiteGround is one of the best WordPress hosting providers. Price is above the average for a shared host, it is much more reliable, with the latest updated technology, fast servers with limitations, and excellent support.

SiteGround is one of the best and you can get it at the shared hosting tier.


  • High-speed hosting: Sitegound hardware (e.g. SSD disks) and the software solution (e.g. SG Optimizer and HTTP/2)offer excellent speeds.
  • Easy and intuitive to use: Siteground is easy and simple to use, and the features are perfectly integrated between them.
  • Excellent support and assistance: SiteGround offers a very excellent level of customer care.
  • Free migration: If you prefer the GrowBig plan of Siteground or even higher, they will migrate your website (once) for free
  • Server location: When you register your account with SiteGround, you can choose your servers in America, Asia, and Europe
  • Advanced features: Siteground includes advanced features that many other web hosting providers don’t have. For example, staging, own caching, or Git repositories.
  • Unlimited traffic: Siteground provides unlimited traffic and they don’t analyze your website’s traffic.

6. Dreamhost

 If you are only focused on a few HTML pages, some PHP scripts, or a WordPress website, and you know it’s not going to get any relevant traffic, then their shared hosting plan is probably good. It’s among the cheapest and most affordable in the WordPress hosting provider industry and gives you quite a bit of control or authority for being a shared plan.

Dreamhost also comes among the best WordPress hosting providers in India.  It depends on what you’re looking for in a web hosting provider. Dreamhost provides shared hosting, dedicated and VPS hosting, and also introduces a cloud computing service.


  • Dreamhost offers a 100% uptime guarantee for all plans
  • It provides SSDs (solid-state drives) on shared and VPS plans for enhanced page speed and reliability
  • Dreamhost allows you to select unlimited domain names from over 275 domain extensions.
  • Dreamhost gives 24/7/365 excellent customer support to resolve your queries.
  • Dreamhost provides you with unlimited bandwidth.
  • Dreamhost gives you unlimited data storage.
  • Dreamhost provides you with an unlimited number of email addresses
  • Dreamhost provides excellent cloud storage for easier access and security.
  • With Dreamhost you can easily install popular web apps like WordPress, Joomla!, and others in just 1 click.
  • Dreamhost offers over 750,000 WordPress installations.
  • With Dreamhost, it is easy to use a proprietary control panel.
best wordpress hosting india - Dreamhost

7. Onohosting

Onohosting is genuine and one of the best WordPress hosting providers in India. The Onohosting website also worked well with positive uptime and excellent customer service and support.


  • Onohosting provides a faster loading speed as compared to other WordPress hosting providers in India because all their hosting services come with SSD Drive.
  • Onohosting provides excellent customer support to resolve all your queries.
  • Onohosting provides you a free  Drag N Drop Website Builder with every Web Hosting Packages.
  • Onohosting provides you with free SSL Certificates with all your web hosting packages.
  • With Onohosting data loss situations will never happen to you as they take, monthly website data backups.
  • With Onohosting, you don’t need to pay extra money for Indian data center locations or SSD-based Hosting Packages.
  • Onohosting, perform both automatic as well as manual malware scanning and removal, this could lead removal of important files results in your website.

8. Godaddy

GoDaddy was known as one of the world’s best and most popular domain registrars and best WordPress hosting providers.

GoDaddy is very suitable for beginners with very less technical knowledge of building websites.

GoDaddy is very user-friendly and is the fastest outright website builder for designing a website. Its design assistance is excellent means you just have to enter your details before GoDaddy creates a superb website for you to customize.


  • Godaddy provides you with cheap and affordable hosting services and also provides free domains.
  • Godaddy provides you with domains at the cheapest and most affordable prices (Exclusive of taxes).
  • Godaddy also offers you a site lock, which you would require if you don’t want hackers to invade your website privacy and details.
  • Godaddy also provides a website builder.


WordPress hosting from A2 Hosting is the best-managed WordPress Hosting provider you will have all tools that you need to power and manage your WordPress websites. These servers are designed for easy use and performance. At A2 Hosting, WordPress comes inbuilt into your hosting account, which means you don’t have to worry about configuring and installing WordPress and uploading it to your server.

A2Hosting  for WordPress websites make sure that you select the host with a high-performance SwiftServer platform. After all, fast hosting has a direct impact on your web page load speeds. Faster websites ultimately have better SEO rankings, lower bounce rates, higher conversion rates, and, most importantly, improved bottom lines. A2Hosting is listed in the top 9th position for the best WordPress hosting providers in India


  • A2hosting provides up to 20x faster turbo which helps you to boost your SEO performance.
  • A2hosting provides excellent customer support to resolve all your queries.
  • A2hosting gives you a money-back guarantee.

A2hosting gives 99.99% uptime commitment.


You must choose a web hosting service that requires you to take an evaluation of your website, the technology used to design it, your web page elements, and your future improvement. You will also have to consider emerging technologies and web trends. All of these scenarios require that you should choose the best WordPress hosting provider with great care.

You will have to first choose a list of all hosts that meet your requirement and then select the one that best meets your need at a cheap and affordable price. In determining your ultimate choice, several factors you should consider such as customer response time, reputation, server uptime guarantee, security, and reliability.

We hope you found our list helpful. Which provider do you think is the best WordPress hosting providers in India? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Anish Illuz

Anish Illuz

Helping brands grow digitally by applying Digital Marketing Strategies

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