Digital marketing opportunities in India

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Let us talk about digital marketing opportunities in India for 2022 and their role in this blog.

First I want to know how many of you are serious about Digital Marketing because Digital marketing is not something like learning once and repeating the same forever. You need to stay updated in order to reach the next level in Digital Marketing. Before moving towards opportunities for digital marketing let me tell you a number of opportunities for digital marketing in India

Let us move on to opportunities for digital marketing in India

Digital Marketing opportunities in India

1. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing managers should have 5 + years of experience and if you have certificates that demonstrate your expertise, you are easily hired. Digital Marketing Managers ‘ responsibilities include leadership in the digital marketing team and reporting to the company’s Vice President of Marketing. You are also responsible for combining and efficiently combining various components of digital marketing.

Digital marketing opportunities in India - Digital Marketing Manager

2. Search Engine Optimizer (SEO Executive)

Rather than spending money on Google AdWords campaigns, you can get free traffic from Google with good search engine optimization. That is why the SEO Executive has tremendous opportunities. An SEO executive or SEO expert’s responsibilities include keyword research, indexing pages, optimizing user experience, using webmaster tools, and managing duplicate content.

Skills Required: An SEO expert should be an expert using various types of SEO tools on the market. There are hundreds of more tools that an SEO expert should have to improve the company’s performance in search engines.

Digital Marketing Opportunities – SEO

3. Social Media Marketing Expert

Social media marketing is divided into two areas. One area concerns the distribution of content via social media platforms. The execution of paid advertising in social media requires expertise and experience. For example, Facebook advertising is one of the difficult tasks today. Adding new targeting options and features almost every day increases the requirement for a social media marketer every day.

Digital marketing opportunities – Social Media Marketing

4. Content Marketing Manager

You are responsible for content marketing as a content marketer. Well, of course. But there are plenty of things to manage. This includes blog management, drip marketing campaigns, copywriting of sales pages, e-book publications, guest blogging, video marketing, e-mail communications and a bit of PR.

Educational qualification: Although there is no clear requirement for qualification, digital marketing certifications and MBA can help you demonstrate your expertise in content marketing. However, certifications are not necessary if you require the skill set.

5. Copywriter

Responsibilities: The tasks of a copywriter are vast. You should be ready to work with a lot of people in the digital marketing team if you have to be a copywriter. The copywriter can help the content team to better receive content, help the social media manager put better words on social media channels and help the search engine marketer write better ad copies.

Skills required: A copywriter should have knowledge of English. He/she should be able to write persuasive items to power the sales funnel.

6. Search Engine Marketer Specialist

The digital marketing manager himself carries out the tasks of the search engine marketer if the company’s size is small. It is sometimes outsourced to a digital marketing agency that charges a fee for its work. In the case of larger companies, however, they have a dedicated search engine marketing specialist (SEM specialist) and a search engine marketing team.

Digital marketing managers shall be the reporting managers of search engine marketers. A search engine marketer’s responsibilities include targeting the number of leads and clicks from the given marketing budget, analysis, keyword research, bid management, split testing and copywriting of ad campaigns.

Experience required: There is no specific range for experts in search marketing. It’s from company to company. In small companies, companies can hire freshers, but some established companies require experts with many years of experience.

7. Inbound Marketing Manager

The requirement for inbound marketing managers depends on the organization’s type and size. A content marketer and an incoming marketer often overlap their responsibilities.

An inbound marketer’s responsibilities are to manage the funnel and conversion at every stage. Optimizing the conversion rate, marketing the drip, and nurturing the lead. The difference between content marketing and inbound marketing is that the inbound marketing manager develops a strategy for attracting customers through content marketing while the content marketing manager focuses on this strategy.

8. Conversion Rate Optimizer

The task of an optimizer of the conversion rate is to increase the conversion ratio at each stage of the marketing funnel. The digital marketing expert of the CRO will have to work with different people. A CRO expert, for example, can design landing pages that convert well with the inbound marketing manager.

Digital Marketing Opportunities – CRO

A CRO expert’s job is to utilize different tools to achieve higher conversions. CRO experts should be familiar with tools like to provide insights into how people interact with landing pages and to find out which color and text make better conversions.

There are more opportunities waiting for you. You can tap on the right opportunities with this article on social media marketing jobs. However, if you are still ambiguous about why you should go for digital marketing job opportunities, here is an article on why should you go for a digital marketing career to help you gain insights.

Picture of Anish Illuz

Anish Illuz

Helping brands grow digitally by applying Digital Marketing Strategies

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