Facebook Ads Custom Audience – Explained

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Introduction: Facebook Ad Custom Audience

With 1.56 billion daily active users, Facebook provides marketers with a huge potential market. So big, in fact, to make sure you reach Facebook users who are most likely to be interested in your company, it is necessary to target your advertising by laser. It makes lowering the cost of your ad and optimizing ROI.

Paid advertising is a challenging activity. It can be a lucrative and reliable source of leads and sales by careful planning and tracking But it can be a costly lesson as well.

The better your advertisement will do, the more you learn about the people you advertise. That’s why a lot of business owners enjoy Facebook ads. There are so many strategies for targeting the audience.

Custom audiences on Facebook give some of the best available targetings. These are clearly identified groups of people who already have a link with your company, such as past customers, people who have visited your website, or people who have installed your request.

Even better, it’s possible to use custom audiences to build lookalike audiences — new potential users, customers, or consumers who share key features with existing customers and fans.

Types of Custom Audiences

  1. Custom Audiences from customer lists
  2. Custom Audiences from website
  3. Custom Audiences from the mobile app
  4. Engagement Custom Audiences

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Custom Audiences from customer lists

Using customer data to build a custom audience, such as email addresses and phone numbers. You can upload all or smaller sections of your list. You will be able to advertise them as long as they use the same Facebook contact information. Remember you need permission. No random email address or phone number can be uploaded

Custom Audiences from website

Advertise anyone who has been visiting your page for the past 180 days, as long as they are also logged into Facebook. It is up to you to decide the time frame and exactly determine what website visitors to target based on the pages they visit. For example, in the last 30 days, you can target people who’ve seen product pages.

Custom Audiences from the mobile app

You can also create a custom audience based on the operation of the user if you have a mobile app. Market to anyone who has been active in the last 180 days with your app, as long as they are on Facebook as well.

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For this blog, since they are the most popular, we will concentrate on the customer list and website traffic options.

Engagement Custom Audiences

A custom audience interaction helps you to reach people on Facebook or Instagram who have already engaged with your product.

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How to use Facebook Custom Audiences?

  • Grow your Facebook Audience
  • Upsell existing customers
  • Target people who abandoned their cart
  • Sell to active subscribers
  • Get feedback from customers
  • Facebook Dynamic Product Ads
  • Build your email list

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Picture of Anish Illuz

Anish Illuz

Helping brands grow digitally by applying Digital Marketing Strategies

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